Khloé Kardashian And Kelly Clarkson Discuss Setting Boundaries

Khloé Kardashian joined “The Kelly Clarkson” show where she spoke about setting boundaries.

“Over time you have to set your own boundaries, people aren’t just going to give them to you,” Kardashian said.

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“Oh lord, I need a whole show about boundaries,” Clarkson replied, laughing. “It ain’t my forte.”

The mom of True, 2, agreed that it isn’t easy with everyone wanting a “piece of you” but your babies are “the most important person who deserves a piece of you.”

Clarkson, who has two children of her own, River, 6, and Remington, 4, noted that she wished she learned how to set boundaries before she had kids but it much easier to do when you say you “need a minute” and people can “see something physically there” that needs your time.

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Both Kardashian and Clarkson could relate to feeling “guilty” about needing a break before having kids but pointed out that “self care” should be reason enough to set a boundary.


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