Larry King was an iconic interviewer, but just as insightful were the questions he asked, the answers he gave were even more knowledgable.

In what was one of the last interviews that he gave, King spoke to “Dispatches From Quarantine” about being stuck in quarantine, his family and more.

“I’m still just as curious as always. That’s the one thing that kept me going — is curiosity. My endless search to learn more never left me. And that might be one of the reasons I’ve gone this far in life is that I’m insatiably curious,” King said.

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King also looked back at the very early days of his career and the first moment he went on air. With only moments before he went live the general manager told him he couldn’t use his birth name of Lawrence Harvey Zeiger because he needed a name that “would ring bells.”

“He had the Miami Herald open and there was an ad for King’s Wholesale Liquors and he said ‘how about Larry King?’ A year later I legally changed it,” he recalled.

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“I went on the air and told the audience ‘my name is Larry King and it was the first time I had said that’. I was never nervous again,” King added. “I learned that day that if you are honest with the audience, you can’t go wrong.”

Larry King died on Jan. 23. He was 87.