Jennifer Lopez is celebrating a big milestone.

On Saturday, Lopez took to Twitter to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her second album, J.Lo, released way back in January 2001.

“Happy 20th Anniversary to my 2nd album J.Lo!!!! Had a little fun at a recent shoot,” she wrote in a tweet, accompanying a video.

In that video, Lopez re-enacts a scene from the music video for the album’s first single, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”.

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Sporting a similar look — sunglasses and white coat — to what she wore in the original, she recreates the scene in which she walks down a beach, tossing off the glasses, then the coat, then a bracelet.

She then turns away from the camera and begins to remove her shirt — and then turns back to the camera, laughing before blocking the lends with her hand.

Compare and contrast with the original, below: