Lily Collins is bravely coming to terms with her past struggles.

The “Emily in Paris” star spoke candidly about her eating disorder battle during a new interview with the “Make It Reign” podcast. 

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I’ve done therapy for years and I feel like I am getting to the route of why I allowed those darker thoughts to dictate how I lived my life, what I did or didn’t eat and the restrictions I put on myself,” explained the 31-year-old actress while speaking with host, Josh Smith. “Understanding that, coming to terms with that and I have realized that so many of those reasons that I used when I was younger just don’t apply to me anymore.”

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Sharing how “things that make me happiest in life” are now her priority, Collins continued, “A lot of those times happen over an amazing meal and things that I feel that I missed out on because I allowed my insecurities or my lack of speaking about them to dictate how I lived my life. I had a lot of voices in my head all the time that silenced my outward voice, a lot of internal ones that stilted me.”

The daughter of Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman also credited fiancé, Charlie McDowell, with helping her to feel like “the best version” of herself.

Lily Collins and Charlie
Lily Collins and Charlie — Getty

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“I’ve just been empowered through friendships and people who I love, who encourage me to just let go – and the relationship that I’m in – where you really just feel the best version of yourself when your mind and heart are working at its biggest capacity,” she went on.

Collins and McDowell announced their engagement in September. The pair are currently working on a film called “Gilded Rage”, which McDowell will direct. 

Collins added, “If you’re hungry in any way, physically or emotionally hungry, you’re never going to be functioning 100 per cent. You’re never going to be feeling like the best version of yourself and then you’re not living the life that you should be and the best life that you can.”