Jared Leto Says He Had No Idea There Was A Pandemic Until 2 Weeks Into Quarantine: ‘It Was Like A Zombie Apocalypse’

Jared Leto had no idea the world was in the middle of a pandemic when lockdown first happened back in March of last year.

The actor chatted to Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s “Tonight Show”, telling the host how he’d been staying in a two-week “silent meditation” retreat when everyone was first told to quarantine.

“The idea is that you go away, you get rid of your phone, you get rid of distractions, you get rid of everything and you just meditate,” Leto told Fallon.

“When I went away, there were about 150 cases, and just in that short amount of time, when I came out, there was a shutdown, a state of emergency, and the whole world had changed. But when we were in there, they didn’t tell us.”

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The star wasn’t allowed to use his phone or watch TV during the trip, with organizers also making the decision not to “disturb” the participants.

“I didn’t turn on my phone until I went back to LA,” the musician continued. “So I drove the whole way trying to be peaceful and zen, keep the feeling going. I got back and I was shocked. I was like Rip Van Winkle.”

Fallon added it was like “a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode, but in real life.”

Leto responded, “I had this great tool to deal with stress. But I don’t think anything can quite prepare any of us for what we all went through in the beginning. It was like coming out to the zombie apocalypse.”

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The “Dallas Buyers Club” star also discussed the inspiration behind his iconic 2019 Met Gala camp look, as well as what it was like working with Denzel Washington on the film “The Little Things”.

Leto and Fallon then went head-to-head trying to beat each other at 30-second challenges, like wrapping themselves in as much toilet paper as possible.

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