Jimmy Kimmel Attempts To Teach His Kids How To Behave In The Workplace As He Calls A ‘Family Meeting’

Like most other people, Jimmy Kimmel has been working from home the past few weeks, and it hasn’t come without its challenges.

The host explained on his show how every year in January the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” team would all participate in a company-wide harassment seminar, but until Monday he’d only had three co-workers; his wife Molly and two younger kids Jane and Billy.

Kimmel said how if there’s one thing he respects, it’s corporate policy, so he called a family meeting to “let the learning begin.”

He told his family members, “I’m required to go through some rules with you when it comes to harassment,” as his 3-year-old son licked his juice off the table.

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Kimmel then went on to discuss things like what is appropriate behaviour in the workplace and how you can’t harass people because of their age, religion or weight.

He also spoke to the trio about name calling, physical harassment and how there were some “grey areas.”

Molly and 6-year-old Jane seemed to get it all, but Billy carried on pinching his dad’s nose and biting him under the table.

See how Kimmel reacted in the clip above.



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