The Queen is feeling good as hell.

On Monday night, Gillian Anderson appeared on “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, and the host brought up a particular video taken on the set of “The Crown”.

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As Anderson explained, star Olivia Colman instigated the video in which she and the rest of the cast, in full costume, did a dance to Lizzo’s “Good As Hell”.

Meyers played the clip, despite Colman assuring everyone that she would share it “only with her friends, the dancers, so it would never see the light of day.”

In the video, Anderson, dressed as UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, lead a group of actors in a choreographed dance to the music.

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Visibly blushing, Anderson reacted to the video, saying, “So humiliating. That look on my face. I don’t even know. I mean, there’s such delight and shame.”

Meyers joked that she did better than Thatcher herself would have, but added, “That’s a pretty low bar.”