Tyler Perry wants everyone to get vaccinated for the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, the Medea star and media mogul appeared on “CBS This Morning” to talk about getting the vaccine and raising awareness with his new vaccine special airing on BET.

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Talking about how he got involved with the project, Perry explained, “When the doctors called up and asked if I would take it to encourage the community, I thought, ‘I will do that but you gotta answer all my questions,’ and I thought, ‘while you answer my questions why don’t we record it so you can answer questions for a lot of people in the community.’ So yes, I was skeptical because if you look at our history in this country, it raises flags for us as African American people.”

Asked what kind of information he wanted from the experts, Perry said, “My top was understanding MRA technology. They did an amazing job at explaining how this new technology has helped to come up with a vaccine so quickly. When I hear things like warp speed I get concerned because this last administration put pressure on the FDA. But once I found out the information from researchers I felt happy.”

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Perry also revealed, “I took my first one on Jan. 4 and took my second one yesterday. The first shot I didn’t feel anything, the second shot I just took yesterday I woke up with some aches and pains, took Advil an hour ago and feel fine now.”

Asked whether he had any regrets about getting vaccinated, he said, “Not at all. Here is the alternative, the problem with this COVID-19 virus is you never know how it will affect you. We have a lot of people that have died that I know, so you are making the choice of getting the vaccine and even though it’s 96 per cent you are increasing your chances from ending up in the ICU by 100 per cent. If you take your chances with COVID, you never know how it will affect you.”