“Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans will be missing one of their favourite stars this season.

In a tweet on Monday, comedian Richard Lewis revealed that after undergoing multiple surgeries in the past 18 months, he won’t be appearing in season 11 of Larry David’s HBO comedy.

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In a statement to Variety, Lewis said, “For 20 years, I had the greatest comedy gig I could have ever imagined with my oldest and dearest friend LD. Honestly, I’m crushed that I won’t be part of this season.”

He added, “For sure, I will be screaming with all the other ‘Curb’ fans when the new season starts. Hope to be there for Season 12!”

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Lewis has appeared on “Curb” since its pilot episode aired in October 2000. He has since starred in 39 episodes of the show as a recurring character.

“Curb” was renewed for an 11th season in June 2020, with a premiere date yet to be announced.