Conan O’Brien is paying tribute to Larry King.

Over the year the legendary broadcast appeared on the various incarnations of late-night shows hosted by O’Brien, beginning with 1993’s “Late Night” through “Conan”. With each visit, King would let “his comedy side come out,” according to O’Brien, who honoured King on Monday night with a video tribute of his favourite moments with King over the past three decades.

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“For some reason – we don’t know why – he felt very comfortable coming to us,” the late-night host said with a laugh. “He loved to try jokes and comedy out with us. That relationship started and it just kept going”.

“As time went on, we kept thinking of sillier and sillier things and would think, Well, Larry probably doesn’t want to do this. He’s such an esteemed broadcaster. And I love him for it. He’d always say, ‘Sounds funny. I’ll do it,'” O’Brien recalled, sharing a montage of clips of King dressed as Wolverine, giving interview tips, getting in bed with him and Andy Richter, detailing a kiss on the lips with Marlon Brando, and hosting a show from the rafters of the “Late Night” studio.

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“He would show up, we’d put him in a costume, we’d pitch him these crazy ideas, and he’d say he liked to make people laugh. It was something that I think gave him a lot of joy, and he was good at it. He was really funny,” O’Brien said of King, who died at age 87 on Jan. 23.

Richter agreed with O’Brien’s take on King, adding he was “nicer than he had to be” and “realer,” as well as “an amazing listener to everyone he talked to.”