Pamela Anderson is saying goodbye to her 1.2 million Instagram followers, 1 million Twitter followers and 900,000 fans on Facebook.

“This will be my last post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook,” the B.C.-born star wrote in what she’s promising will be her final message on social media.

“I’ve never been interested in social media. And now that I’m settled into the life I’m genuinely inspired by reading and being in nature. I am free,” she continued.

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“Thanks for the love,” she added. “Blessings to you all. Lets hope you find the strength and inspiration to follow your purpose and try not to be seduced by wasted time 🙏.”

She concluded by blasting the social media platforms for years of allowing lies and disinformation to be disseminated without consequence.

“That’s what THEY want and can use to make money,” she wrote. “Control over your brain.”

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She signed off with a barrage of hashtags: #thebewilderedherd, #noInstagram, #notwitter, #nofacebook, #life, #freedom, #nature, #humanconnection, #intimacy and #love.

She also said goodbye to social media in Twitter and Facebook posts.

ET Canada reached out to a rep for Anderson, who had nothing to add at this time.