Susan Sarandon Jokes About ‘Getting A Big Check’ Out Of A ‘Thelma & Louise’ Sequel Despite Admitting It’d Be A ‘Bad Idea’

Susan Sarandon admits there were talks of a “Thelma & Louise” sequel, but she doesn’t know how it would work.

The actress, who played Louise in the much-loved 1991 flick alongside Geena Davis’ Thelma, said she wasn’t aware young people had been discovering the film over lockdown when she was told that was the case by Jimmy Fallon.

“Oh, good! I didn’t know that,” Sarandon shared during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”. “That’s cool.”

“They talked about a sequel, but I could not… I don’t know what it would be,” she continued. “I can’t understand.”

Fallon joked, “Do you remember the movie, was it ‘Topper?'” referencing the 1937 comedy which saw Cary Grant play a ghost.

“Oh, yeah!” Sarandon responded. “Actually, that was a very bad idea they had. We were ghosts looking down on earth and helping women who were in bad domestic [relationships]. And I remember saying to [then-partner] Tim [Robbins], ‘But what would we be doing?’ And he said, ‘You’d be getting a big check.'”

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The 74-year-old continued, “No, that didn’t work out, either. Best to leave it alone.”

Sarandon also spoke to Fallon about the paparazzi following her and Jessica Lange on their superhero walks, as well as playing a plot twist on her series “Search Party”.

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