Leno Visits Craig Ferguson, Hints At Post- ‘Tonight Show’ Plans

Reigning king of late-night Jay Leno paid a visit to Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show last night, where the conversation quickly turned to the upcoming Tonight Show transition and what Leno plans to do after handing over late-night’s top-rated talk show to Jimmy Fallon in February 2014.

Leno admitted he doesn’t put that much stock in ratings, quipping, “In TV you don’t know what’s working. You get pieces of paper with numbers on it.”;

“I’ll tell you what,”; Ferguson responded. “If you do it for 20 years and you’re the #1 show, that probably means it’s working.”; Responded Leno: “I’ll mention that to my bosses.”;

Leno did, however, offer a thinly veiled barb to NBC when he joked about his forced retirement: “You can be 64 years old and swim 110 miles, but you can’t be 64 years old and host a late-night talk show.”;

As for his post-Tonight plans, Leno didn’t offer many revelations, other than admitting he’ll probably hit the road even more than he already does (Leno eschews vacations, and performs stand-up throughout North America during his time off from The Tonight Show). “I don’t know,”; he admitted, “I’ll figure it out when I get there.”;

Quipped Ferguson: “You have to have a plan — you have to plot some revenge.”;

One place viewers won’t be seeing Leno, however, is on a reality show. “Reality shows aren’t shows,”; said Leno. “There’s nobody writing it, there’s just a camera following people around. That’s not a TV show.”;

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