Ted Danson is revealing how being arrested with Jane Fonda, to raise awareness for climate change, “changed his life.”

The iconic actor was busted during one of Fonda’s Fire Drill Friday events back in October 2019.

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Joining “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” via video chat on Wednesday, Danson looked back on how the experience motivated him to do more for the environment.

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“You can see it was kind of an exciting moment that I delighted in,” said the 73-year-old star of being arrested for the first time ever. “Mostly because I was with Jane Fonda.”

Danson then discussed how 83-year-old Fonda has “turned into be one of my real inspirations in life.”

He continued, “I think that arrest made me want to double down on climate change. Yeah, it meant a lot to meet her. It kind of changed my life.”

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Danson is currently starring in a new sitcom called “Mr. Mayor” with Holly Hunter and Bobby Moynihan.