Idris Elba And Canada’s Connor Price On Their ‘Courteney Cox’ Rap Collab With The ‘Friends’ Star

When Idris Elba was at home recovering from COVID-19 last year, he issued a rap challenge on his Instagram looking for someone who could freestyle some new lyrics. Canadian-born rapper and actor Connor Price jumped at the chance to drop everything and take Elba up on the challenge.

“My wife, Brianne, and I had a date that night and I cancelled it. And she supported the decision,” the Toronto-based Price tells ET Canada’s Keshia Chante during a hilarious chat with Elba. “She was like, ‘Yes, please. This is more important. Make this happen.'”

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And happen it did. The pair ended up collaborating on the single “Courteney Cox”, inspired by the “Friends” actress who didn’t hesitate to give not only her permission for the track, but also she agreed to a cameo.

“It was really quick actually!” Elba says, laughing. “I sent her a letter through the publicist. It was like, ‘Hey listen I’m Idris.’ And it was just a was a weird letter: ‘I’m rapping on this song. And I don’t know if you fancy listening to it.’ I don’t know what she must have thought when she saw it.”

Elba’s “weird” letter worked because Cox agreed to do some rapping herself.

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“That was entirely her idea,” Price says, explaining that Cox prepared her own rap to take jabs at the men in the video. And it’s clear all three had a blast making the song – and talking about it – with Elba showing some serious skin in the video.

“I didn’t really go out to shoot a video and take my shirt off,” he jokes. “But you know you’re like in the video mood. You know, I thought I was in the ’90s! I just whipped that bad boy off!”

Credit: Justin Chan
Credit: Justin Chan

The actor maintains he didn’t get in shape for his “Courteney Cox” shirtless scene, adding, “I can’t say too much about it but I have to stay fit for this film.”

The film in question, of course, is “Suicide Squad” with director James Gunn, but Elba teases that fans won’t see much of his bare chest in the movie.

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“[In] ‘Suicide Squad’ I have essentially, I think arguably, one of the coolest superhero suits,” he says. “James Gunn who’s an incredible director went to a lot of time to make a design we think is going to be… great to watch and super entertaining to see me use. So I didn’t strip down in that film.”

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