Cardi B Calls Out The Cost Of Getting Tested For COVID Four Times A Week

Cardi B is calling out how expensive private coronavirus testing has become.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the “WAP” rapper revealed that she gets tested for COVID-19 four times a week, along with the rest of her team, for the high price of $250 per test.

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When a fan said they’d assumed tests were free, Cardi explained that they are for people going to the doctor or other necessary situations, but for private cases like work, tests cost money.

She went on to add that the tests are necessary because she and others can be held liable if someone on a set catches the coronavirus, saying that in her view the government should be paying healthcare workers to do all testing.

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Another fan shared that as a nurse working on the COVID frontlines, she and her coworkers are not being offered tests. Cardi responded, saying that she was criticizing capitalism, and the way allocation of resources to fight COVID has been turned into a profit-making business.

She also added that getting tested is part of the rules set up by industry unions amid the pandemic to maintain safe working conditions.

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