Blackpink delivered yet another incredible performance on “The Late Late Show” Wednesday.

The K-pop group belted out their hit “Pretty Savage”, dancing around a colourful stage while singing the catchy lyrics.

The performance comes before they take the same stage for their “The Show” live virtual YouTube concert on Saturday.

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Blackpink also spoke to host James Corden about what fans can expect from the upcoming gig, as well as demonstrating their pre-show ritual of the low-five.

Corden then asked Rosé about how she’ll be performing some of her new music at the show.

She shared, “To be able to sing my song at the concert for my fans, that in itself I think is really exciting.

“I’m sure that a lot of my fans have been waiting and they’re really excited for it, so I think that’s very special that I can finally sing my song.”

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See more in the clip below, and give the band’s performance a watch above.