Saweetie kicked off 2021 with some serious girl power, spreading some love to the women who hardly get recognition in music today: our best friends.

“We show a lot of people love, our family, our friends, our boyfriends, our situations, whatever you want to call them, but what about our super friends? Our best friends? Our ride or dies,” Saweetie told ET Canada. “I wanted to dedicate a song to my best friend, and all the best friends out there because they’re always in our corner and they make life so much easier.”

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Over slapping drums, Saweetie and Doja Cat trade bars that celebrate each other’s success, beauty and independence. The track serves as a prelude to Saweetie’s Pretty B*tch Music album, and while the accompanying music video showcases some adorable TBT photos that look like the women together at a young age, the female rappers actually met more recently.

“We met two years ago in London, so I been knowing her, which is why I thought she was a perfect feature, Saweetie said. “She’s such a great person on and off the camera so we had such a great time working on this track. I love working with her.”

Saweetie continued to explain that working with the Grammy-nominated artist was almost symbolic to the lyrics they were spitting out.

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“Doja is an amazing artist so I didn’t doubt for one second that she wouldn’t pull her weight on the song, but I feel like we have two different styles so there’s two different textures, which is so symbolic to what a friendship is because typically opposites attract so her verse was hyped, where mine was cool and calm so I think the two different styles ended up meshing well together.”

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“Now when I listen to the song, I hear two girls empowering one another. I hear two girls having fun. I hear two girls just being bosses together because we’re both talking a lot of stuff on the track so I thought she was the best person for the song because she’s so fun, fly and artistic,” she added.

And if you want to be best friends with Saweetie, like Doja Cat was in the music video, the 27-year-old artist says she typically looks for “someone who is always down to roll whether we’re going to a party or baking cookies and watching Netflix. I just want someone who I can be around all the time.”

Watch the music video for “Best Friend” above.