Royal Documentary Banned By The Queen 50 Years Ago Is Leaked On YouTube

A royal documentary that was banned by the Queen 50 years ago has been leaked online.

Back in 1972, Her Majesty ordered the BBC’s fly on the wall “Royal Family” documentary, showing her doing ordinary things like going to a local grocery store and watching television, to be locked away. However, somehow it reappeared online five decades later.

It’s since been deleted from YouTube, but not before thousands of people watched it, The Telegraph reported.

A royal source said: “This is a matter for the BBC. From time to time, things pop up on the internet that should not be there. We will assume it’s going to be taken down.”

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The BBC declined to comment, but it’s thought they acted quickly because the film, which attracted over 30 million viewers in the U.K. at the time, has since disappeared.

A BBC source said: “We always exercise our copyright where we can.

“However, it is notoriously difficult to chase these things down on YouTube once they are out there. Anybody can download it and you just end up chasing your tail.”

The BBC claimed interest in the feature was renewed after it appeared as a plotline in a recent episode of “The Crown”.

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It’s not known how the person in question got their hands on the Richard Cawston film, which was filmed over a 12 month period, amassing more than 43 hours of footage.

The doc, which also showed Prince Charles waterskiing, cycling and fishing, was first broadcast by the BBC, before being shown by ITV a week later in June 1969.

The Queen was said to have since regretted her decision to let cameras into her home, so had the film removed.

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