Jared Leto may have won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in the 2013 drama “Dallas Buyers Club”, but that wasn’t enough to get him to watch the movie.

“I still haven’t seen that performance and it didn’t get into the way of how it affects the audience,” the actor tells Sirius XM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”. In fact, Leto, 49, never watches any of his performances.

“I want to be free and not be kind of hung up on how I look or how what’s effective and what’s not, and I always want to change as an actor, so I don’t want to learn what might work, what are the habits that work and what don’t,” he says of his decision. “Also, who wants to look at themselves that much. I read the script, I know exactly what happened.”

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However, Leto does watch his music videos because when he’s playing himself it’s “less stressful.”

If he had to choose one of the movies from his filmography, he’d probably go with “Fight Club” or “Requiem For A Dream”, admitting “Requiem” is “one of the few” films of his he has watched after being pressured by director Darren Aronofsky at the Cannes Film Festival premiere.

“Darren came to me and said, ‘Hey, I heard, you’re not going to watch the movie. You have to watch the movie.’ I mean, he almost dragged me up the steps… and I’m really glad that he did. It was a powerful experience to watch it in that context,” he recalls. “It was kind of a beautiful experience and that film really affected the audience in a deep way. So I’m actually, I’m really glad that I actually, I did that and maybe I will watch again in the future.”

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While Leto isn’t likely to watch his next movie “Morbius”, he is excited for others to finally see it.

“It’s the kind of film I feel like we all need right now. Just the big, fun, popcorn, get in the theatre turned, the lights down, let’s have some fun. I’m excited about it,” he says. “I’ve never done anything like it.”