While many are confused why Margot Robbie and GameStop are the topics of conversation this week, Trevor Noah stepped in to spell it out.

It all started on Reddit, the discussion website that caused GameStop’s stock to surge recently. According to the Washington Post, a Reddit board propelled the video game retailer to a huge surge in the stock market after Wall Street experts bet the stock prices would fall.

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And since this was confusing to most, fans of the Oscar-nominated actress made a plea for her to reprise her “The Big Short” role – you know, the one when she’s in the bathtub explaining finance terms – to help people understand what’s going on.

But since she “wasn’t available,” Noah took on the role during a hilarious segment on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show”.

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“Basically, there’s a group of people on Reddit who don’t use the stock market to invest, they use it to gamble,” Noah explained in the clip, as his head was Photoshopped onto Robbie’s body.

“And, yeah, that’s what a lot of serious investors do too, but these guys on Reddit are more honest about it and they love to troll the people who aren’t.”

Watch the original scene below: