Rami Malek misses Robin Williams.

On Wednesday, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” star was on “The Tonight Show”, and host Jimmy Fallon brought up his role in the “Night at the Museum” franchise.

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Malek was reminded of working with the late Williams on the family-adventure film, and one moment, in particular, while filming the third film “Secret of the Tomb”.

“We’re shooting at the British Museum at night and we have the place all to ourselves,” Malek recalled. “And Robin — you could tell something was happening with him. He would go on these riffs every once in a while and light up the world and you’d be like, ‘Oh my God. Who are you?’ And then dip back down into this other place.”

He said Williams would “see us all on our phones and devices and he’d be like, ‘What happened to [face-to-face communication]?'”

Malek continued, “And so I see him veer off and he walks off alone, and he’s just kind of staring at this massive rock in the British Museum. And I’m like, ‘Oh, man. What’s going on with him? Is he all right?'”

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Soon, though, the actor realized Willams was actually taking advantage of the opportunity to be in the presence of an important historical artifact.

Malek explained, “I walk up to kind of say, ‘Is everything okay?’ And he looks at me, just kind of slightly over the shoulder, and he goes, ‘How often do you get to be alone with the Rosetta Stone?'”