Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels joined the “Dr. Phil” show to address a woman who falsely believed that she had befriended the famous rock stars.  

Tina, the woman profiled on the show, believed that she was texting Mötley Crüe bassist Sixx, and was even engaged to Poison singer Michaels. 

Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels
Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels — Getty

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Tina was invited on the show after a friend realized that she was being catfished by an imposter.

The “Michaels” impersonator popped the question after three weeks of exchanging text messages.

“I said yes!” Tina told viewers.

“When Nikki found out I was talking to Bret, he was not happy,” Tina continued. “Both of them didn’t want me talking to either one of them.”

Tina also revealed that she had sent money to “Nikki Sixx” at his request.

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Dr. Phil convinced Tina she was being duped by proving that images of driver’s licences she received were fake. 

The host also brought in Sixx and his wife Courtney via video. 

“We wanted to come on together and let you know that whoever you’re taking to is not me, and I’m sorry that this is happening to you,” said Sixx. “Watching the show, and how Dr. Phil is trying to break it all down for you, it’s heartbreaking for us. It’s not funny, it’s cruel. And you seem like a very nice person.”

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Michaels sent in a pre-recorded video to address people being scammed during the pandemic.

“These imposters who are going after innocent people like Tina, who is on your show right now, and other people, they will not stop during this pandemic,” he said. “People are vulnerable. I feel like people right now are isolated … and that is the perfect time for these scumbags, scammers, con artists, and imposters to come after innocent people.”

After hearing from both of the musicians, Tina finally conceded, “I was scammed and I admit it.”