Olivia Jade Giannulli is telling fans about a scary incident that left her with some minor facial injuries.

The 21-year-old YouTuber posted an “Everyday” makeup routine video in which she recounted “passing out” the night before.

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“A crazy thing happened to me last night. I ran into the bathroom thinking I was gonna throw up and then I passed out,” recalled the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli.

“I locked the door because I didn’t want my boyfriend to come in because I was like, dying! Then he just heard this big thud and was running in the room like, ‘Holy s**t, are you OK?’ The door was locked but I was trying to unlock it… It’s so spotty, I barely remember.”

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Giannulli then showed viewers her injuries, which include a cut on her lip and a mark on her forehead.

“I split my lip a little and then I have a bump on my head, right there and my nose hurts really bad too.”

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Giannulli returned to her 1.86 million subscribers on Jan. 21. with a video titled, “Daily vlog x olivia jade”.

The social media star described her intentions moving forward and touched briefly on the college admissions scandal involving her parents.

“Just for my own mental sanity, I don’t want to keep rehashing things,” she explained. ”I just want to move on and do better and move forward and come back and do what I love, which is YouTube. So you don’t have to watch, nobody’s forcing you.”