Wayne Brady is discussing co-parenting with Drew Barrymore.

Stopping by “The Drew Barrymore Show”, the “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” alum joked he wished he knew the “secret” to raising daughter Maile with ex-wife Mandie Taketa.

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“I’ll tell you, when it comes to our situation. I would say, work. It sounds like such a small thing. It’s, like, work, but what’s pretty cool is that’s my baby momma right there — and that’s her boyfriend Jason and that’s my daughter Maile — when people look at our TikToks they see the picture of harmony and co-parenting and making a blended family that you want,” Brady said.

@waynebradyIt takes a village! Being on the same page is how you do it! It’s not easy y’all but it’s worth it! @mandietaketa @jasonmichaelfordham ##coparenting♬ Ella Mai – My Way – sabinahannan

And it was the trio’s TikTok videos that helped them sell a sitcom to CBS on their family.

“You see that TikTok and folks online go, ‘Oh my God, it’s so aspirational. What’s your secret?’ If you would have seen the five minutes before that TikTok, the work it takes to get to that TikTok just in life, the yelling, the screaming, the fun, the tears, the ups, the downs, the not being able to talk to each other for a week because you’re not seeing eye to eye, you were trying to make another person happy while caring for this little person you want to strangle each other sometimes,” he added. “Those TikToks would not be possible if we had not worked.”

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Brady added that while he, Mandie, and Jason all love each other, it wasn’t easy.

“The work that that took, that’s not for everybody, because I don’t think everybody has that love for the other person. You should. But I don’t know if everyone can do it. But if you can, the beautiful thing is, you have a family that you made and you have a child who has two parents that show their love because they love, so that’s my soapbox.”

The two also spoke about striving to “learn” from everyone around them.

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