Michelle Pfeiffer is taking a trip down memory lane.

The 62-year-old actress looked back on starring in Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” music video while being interviewed on Friday’s installment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

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“I love that song… It’s so good,” said Pfeiffer’s of “Gansta’s Paradise”, which was part of the soundtrack of her 1995 movie, “Dangerous Minds”.

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Admitting she hadn’t heard of Coolio prior to filming the video, the “Hairspray” star continued, “I had never done a video before, I was like ‘What, are you crazy? Who wants me in a video?’ It sounded like the weirdest thing.”

When asked if she and the rapper still keep in touch, Pfeiffer conceded, “No, we don’t.”

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During the interview, Pfeiffer also spoke about quarantining with her husband, growing up near Disneyland and her new movie, “French Exit”.