Leah Remini’s daughter is a big inspiration in her life.

The actress, 50, joined Drew Barrymore on Friday’s episode of Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” and gushed about how her 16-year-old daughter Sofia has “inspired” her to learn about the importance of climate change.

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“[Sofia] sends me things that I should be posting on social media about systemic racism, social injustice, constantly saying, ‘Mom, you need to be doing this. I need less plastics in this house,'” Remini explained.

“It makes me so proud to know that she’s somebody who cares about what’s happening in the world.”

She added, “I wasn’t thinking about these things when I was her age.”

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According to Remini, Sofia is also a “big fan of makeup.”

“She buys tons of makeup, she hoards makeup, she doesn’t necessarily wear a lot of makeup,” the “King Of Queens” alum said.

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