Clare Crawley spoke with her fans via Instagram Live on Friday, and the former Bachelorette said that she’s been “struggling” in private in the wake of her split from Dale Moss, whom she met during her short-lived stint on “The Bachelorette”.

“I think when you open yourself up to share what you’re going through, not as a victim, but as like, vulnerability, and more as just like the human side of you, with your friends, with your family, with the public, with people, as much as you want to share — mine more so happens to be a lot more public than most people — but I think when we share our struggles, it gives people the opportunity to relate to it, and to share their struggles,” Crawley said.

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She encouraged others facing similar struggles to reach out to friends and family.

“The ones that love you support you,” she added.

As she explained, she’s been experiencing “the worst anxiety every single day” due to the stress of the pandemic, receiving hateful messages from online trolls after the recent breakup, along with caring for her mother, who has Alzheimer’s.

“It really got to me. I held it in and tried to be strong for so long. I am a strong person, but I tried to be that for so long that I didn’t share a lot of my struggles with anxiety… because I never wanted to be like, ‘Poor me, poor me’ or the victim of anything,” she said.

“I’m getting to the point now where I’m trying really hard to come back from that and make a U-turn because it’s a dark place to be in when you’ve got a lot of stuff compiled on each other,” Crawley added.

Throughout the video, Crawley continually wiped away tears, at one point admitting, “I didn’t mean to cry.”

She said she’s trying to bring herself to a place of gratitude by counting her blessings, but it’s been difficult.

“There’s been days where it’s hard searching for gratitude,” the star said. “You just want to curl into a ball and cry sometimes and not get out of bed, which has been some days for me for sure. But the days that I practice gratitude, I get out of bed.”

Last week, Crawley opened up about the end of her “Bachelorette” relationship with Moss, confirming that she’d been blindsided by the supposedly “mutual” breakup announcement.