Drake Pays Off Fan’s Entire Student Loan Debt

One of Drake’s fans is celebrating the erasure of his student loan debt, and he’s got Champagne Papi to thank for it.

As BlogTO reports, it all started when a 25-year-old Toronto rapper who goes by Bucks In Da Cut shared a video on Instagram in which he declares, “I’m having a good start to 2021 fam!”

He continues: “Remember my 2020 New Year’s Resolution was to have 2020s all 2020? 2021, there’s no more poor or broke, fam. I had 500 dollars to start the year, let’s count up.”

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He then counts a stack of bills, ending up with $1,300. “I’m stacking up all year, cuz.”

The clip was reposted by 6ixbuzzTV on Tuesday, and quickly went viral. Among the thousands of comments generated was one from Drake, who made a generous offer.

“Yo what’s this mans PayPal I’m doubling that for my guy Bucks B,” he wrote.


Drake was serious. In an update video he posted on Instagram, Bucks In Da Cut revealed that not only did Drake double his money, he also paid off his student loan.

“Yo fam, listen up, I gotta big up Drizzy, the one and only Drake, fam, he’s a man of his word, fam, he doubled my money, and on top of that, fam? I told him about my OSAP and he cleared my debts, fam,” he says in the video.

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“So I gotta big this guy up one more time, he’s the biggest name in the city, fam, Drizzy Drake, fam, I’m trying to be like him one day…,” he continues, showing off a considerable pile of cash.

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