Michelle Pfeiffer is one of many actresses to have played Catwoman onscreen.

Rumour has it that DC’s upcoming “The Flash” movie will incorporate actors who’ve played characters within the DC universe in the past, including the star of Tim Burton’s “Batman” movies, Michael Keaton.

If Keaton will appear as an older version of Bruce Wayne/Batman, why not his purring nemesis?

Asked by ScreenRant if she’d be interested in slipping back into that latex catsuit, Pfeiffer offered an interesting response.

“I would if anyone asked me,” she replied, “but no one’s asked me yet.”

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Meanwhile, Zoë Kravitz will be the next actress to suit up as Catwoman, in Matt Reeves’ upcoming “The Batman”.

In an interview with Total Film, per the Daily Mail, Kravitz revealed that she’d spoken with Pfeiffer about the role.

“I’ve met Michelle Pfeiffer several times, but we did talk about Catwoman when I saw her in January,” she said. “I told her I was nervous but she was really encouraging.”

She added, “I want to make the character my own, although I want to respect her, so it felt important to acknowledge the amazing things she did with the iconic role.”