At the start of last week,  Miley Cyrus’ naughty foam finger at the VMAs set the web on fire, but now it’s Robin Thicke’s hand, err… missing hand that has everyone talking. After Robin’s now infamous performance at the MTV VMA’s, socialite Lana Scolaro posted a photo of her and Robin getting close at an after-party which caught everyone’s attention once someone pointed out Robin’s groping hand in the mirror’s reflection.

The 20-year-old blonde at the centre of the scandal called in to The Roz & Mocha Show, to talk about Butt-Gate and clarify some things about herself.   Although Lana claims she didn’t see the reflection when she first posted the pic, she says there’s no question the Blurred Lines singer did cross that line.  “Of course I knew it was Robin’s hand. There was nobody else there at the time”, she explains.

Lana tells the radio hosts she’s been friendly with Robin since she first moved to New York “three weeks, or a month or so.” But even though they were partying together, Lana says she wasn’t flirting with the star: “I knew he was married, so I didn’t go there.”

She also doesn’t  know what the big deal is. “His hand wasn’t all the way up my butt,” she reveals. “If there was a video of me sleeping with him or hooking up with him, OK fine that would be a big deal, but the fact that his hand is on my butt, that’s not really a big deal.”

As for Robin’s wife Paula Patton, she’s acting pretty cool about the situation too.  A rep for the MI5 star says, “Paula was with him all night,” and adds that Scolaro is, “just a girl looking for attention.” “Paula and Robin aren’t concerned and are happily vacationing in Florida,” notes her rep.