“Wayne’s World” stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey enlisted one of music’s biggest stars to help out with their Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial.

The actors reprise their roles as Wayne and Garth for for the new ad, which encourages viewers to support local restaurants.

In order to get their message across, the pair try out some 2021 gimmicks, including TikTok dances and mini-me babies.

The duo even call on Cardi B to make an A-list cameo appearance.

Viewers of the Jan. 30 episode of Global’s “Saturday Night Live” may have done a double take during the broadcast when Wayne and Garth popped on the screen for a brief edition of “Wayne’s World”.

It wasn’t an “SNL” sketch, however, but a commercial, with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey resurrecting their beloved characters to promote Uber Eats in a 30-second spot.

“Hey we’re back, 2020 man that was a great year… NOT,” Myers’ Wayne told the camera.

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“Yeah, it really sucked,” he added.

“It sucked donkey,” Carvey’s Garth chimed in.

“We just wanted to say we’ll see you soon for the game, which for legal reasons cannot be named,” added Myers, obviously referencing the Super Bowl.

“We’ll see you on the big bowl,” Carvey said, with Myers adding, “The gigantic bowl.”

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The commercial concludes with a ringing doorbell and an Uber Eats delivery bag sitting on a table in Wayne’s basement.

Fans can expect to see more of the “Wayne’s World” duo during Super Bowl LV, taking place on Sunday, Feb. 7.