Prince Harry has settled his dispute with Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, after they ran articles accusing him of turning his back on the Royal Marines.

It was revealed Monday that Harry had won an apology and substantial damages after he sued them for libel, with the royal’s lawyers calling it a “personal attack” on his character.

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The Mail on Sunday published the article “Top general accuses Harry of turning his back on the Marines”, with the MailOnline publishing an almost identical article with the headline, “Top general accuses Prince Harry of turning his back on the Royal Marines after stepping down from ceremonial role as part of Megxit deal” on October 25, 2020.

Each article reported that The Duke of Sussex, who served as an Army officer for 10 years, had turned his back on the Royal Marines, had snubbed the British Armed Forces and ignored correspondence from Lord Dannatt, a former Chief of the General Staff, all of which were said to be false and caused “considerable damage.”

The publications printed an apology on December 27, but court documents revealed Monday stated, “One of the reasons why The Duke has had to make a statement in open court is because the Defendant used wording which significantly underplayed the seriousness of the accusations made against him. It did not expressly acknowledge that the allegations were false.”

Harry is personally donating his damages to the Invictus Games Foundation.

A spokesperson for The Duke of Sussex added in a statement to ET Canada: “Today, The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline publicly admitted in open court that they pushed a completely false and defamatory story. And they’ve apologized for questioning The Duke of Sussex’s commitment to the Royal Marines and British Armed Forces.

“The truth is that The Duke’s commitment to the military community is unquestionable. Unsurprisingly, The Mail again misled their readers in December by claiming to make a charitable donation as part of an initial apology. They did no such thing. The Duke is personally donating the significant damages recovered from this legal resolution to the Invictus Games Foundation.”