Brandon Jay McLaren is opening up about his inspiration in Hollywood.

In a new interview with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante, the Canadian actor and star of the new Netflix series “Firefly Lane” opened up about who in the industry has inspired him by achieving Black excellence.

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“Jordan Peele is the first name that comes to my mind,” McLaren said. “I was lucky enough to do an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ in season 2, so getting to work with him was a huge honour for me.”

He continued, “I don’t think anybody saw him as this prolific filmmaker-auteur kinda guy. He was doing kind of slapstick comedy, and then all of a sudden — and I’m sure he’d been working on this the whole time — he’s kind of like, ‘Oh you think I’m just this? Well here you go,’ and he just dropped all this brilliance on us.”

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Peele, who had starred on sketch shows like “Mad TV” and “Key & Peele”, broke out as a director with his debut feature, the Oscar-nominated horror film “Get Out”.

“So I think he’s a real prime example,” McLaren said, “of somebody who’s obviously been working behind-the-scenes, getting all these things together while he’s out there doing all these comedies. And then all of a sudden he’s this Hollywood heavy-hitter. I think that’s incredible.”