Rita Wilson is detailing her COVID-19 recovery almost a year after the singer/actress and husband Tom Hanks contracted the virus.

Wilson joined Ellen DeGeneres on Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and bonded with the host over the virus.

“You kind of feel superhero-like and superhuman because you have the antibodies and you feel like you can go places and do things, except nobody else can go anywhere and do anything,” Wilson joked.

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“But yes, we got a lot of calls,” she added. “It was actually really lovely to hear from people. And we talked when you had it. It’s horrible to have it! Hopefully, now the vaccine is going to be out there and people can get it, and we can get back to normal life soon.

“Sadly, I don’t have the antibodies anymore,” she explained. “I just tested two weeks ago, and I don’t have the antibodies anymore. But it’s okay, I have a mask and I have hand sanitizer… so I’m back like everyone else.”

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Wilson said she still had antibodies as recently as December 2020. She detailed the testing process on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

DeGeneres also recently battled coronavirus.