AJ McLean believes that Scientologists used a “brainwashing” technique on him back in his Backstreet Boys days.

Leah Remini joined the singer and co-host, Cheryl Burke, during the latest episode of their “Pretty Messed Up” podcast to talk about her experiences of being a member of the Church of Scientology for 35 years. 

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McLean shared that in 2002, he was at Clive Davis’s Grammy party with his band when an athlete mentioned Scientology to him.

The “Dancing With The Stars” contestant went down to the Hollywood facility, received a tour and watched a film that was about 15 minutes long. 

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However, when he went to leave, they didn’t allow it and locked them in. They made him watch the film three times until he knocked on the door to get out. 

“It seems like a brainwashing type technique; this doesn’t seem normal to me,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Remini spoke about how she still feels like an outsider in life.

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“I felt judged and not right. I wasn’t part of the right crowd, and I still feel like that today,” she admitted. “When I was accepting an Emmy and on the Emmy stage, I thought one day I will feel like I’m a part of this business…”