Matt James addressed Monday night’s bombshell episode of “The Bachelor” during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America”.

The latest episode of the hit show saw James speak to the group of women about the toxic rumours that were being spread, including those escort claims.

When asked if bullying was the right word to describe what fans have been seeing on the show, James replied, “Yeah when you break it down, any type of name calling I think people try to pass it off as playing around but it’s really not playing around to the people on the receiving end. When that was made aware to me I had to act on it.”

The reality TV star was also asked if it was a case of there being some bad apples on the show or whether the nature of the competition brought out people’s ugliest sides.

He shared, “I think it’s just a combination of high emotions and being in a stressful environment. You are dating one person with a lot of other women so I can’t imagine what it is like to be on that other side of the rose.

“I can’t fault these women for getting emotional but when the name calling and persistent making the environment uncomfortable for other women in the house I gotta act on it.”

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James then said of whether he was now seeing things being aired on the show that he wished he’d known then, “I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason so all you can do is act on the information you have available to you and I don’t have any regrets, when things come up you gotta handle them. Going forward I think we are going to have a little smooth sailing.”

He continued of looking frustrated and angry on Monday’s show, “The frustration comes from you having that limited amount of time with the women but when you have to address things like last night that takes time away from getting to know these women better.”