David Duchovny reveals that, while he had COVID-19 over the holidays, his biggest worry was that he had unwittingly infected his two kids.

“The holidays are a tough time for everybody so I just decided to make it a little tougher on myself by getting that,” he says during an interview on “Live With Kelly And Ryan” on Tuesday. While the “X-Files” actor says he was “lucky” not to exhibit serious symptoms, he was worried he had passed it on to his two children, Madelaine, 20, and Miller, 18.

“I was really worrying,” he says. “I had been around my kids and worried that they were gonna get it. Once that passed and they didn’t [get it]…It wasn’t terrible. It was like a flu for me.”

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Duchovny is now quarantining with Miller, joking that he can “divvy up chores but they’re all gonna get done by me.”

The actor reveals he started cooking for the first time during the first lockdown because it’s something he had never done before — with good reason.

“It turns out I don’t love it at all,” he deadpans. “And nobody else loves when I cook, either.”

Duchovny’s attempt at making keto brownies wasn’t successful, with the actor sharing there was a “huge, fat, succulent water bug” baked into the brownies he offered his son.

“He wasn’t that freaked out, he was like, ‘Maybe keep an eye on the batter next time, Dad.'”