Mark-Paul Gosselaar is still processing the sudden and tragic death of his “Saved By The Bell” co-star Dustin Diamond.

“Well, it’s always tough when someone passes away. I think it’s even more so when the individual is someone you know and the age of Dustin — it was only a few weeks ago that we heard about his diagnosis and for it to happen so quickly is shocking,” the actor says during an interview on “Tamron Hall” on Tuesday, one day after Diamond’s death from cancer at age 44.  His death comes only three weeks after he received the cancer diagnosis.

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The “Mixed-ish” actor says, at some point he and his original “Saved By The Bell” co-stars “will get together at some point and sort of express our feelings. It happened so quickly that we’re all just pretty shocked about it.”

Gosselaar, 46, worked alongside Diamond on “Saved By The Bell” and its predecessor “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” from 1988 to 1994. Though they spent much of their younger years together, Gosselaar says he drifted apart from his castmates, including Diamond, over the years.

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“A lot of people may not understand that you can work with somebody for years — you can be very close, you see this person every day for an entire season of shooting and then once things wrap, the camera stops, you just drift apart. There’s no reason other than just things happen in life and before you know it, years have passed,” he explains. “I think that was what happened with Dustin with the rest of the cast. There was a time when I wasn’t talking with anybody on the cast.”

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