Michael Strahan is making progress as he battles COVID-19.

Reports first circulated last week that the “Good Morning America” co-host had tested positive for the Coronavirus, and on Wednesday he gave an update on his recovery.

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In a pre-recorded message that aired on Wednesday’s GMA, Strahan said, “I just wanna let you know that I do feel a lot better and I am just thankful to be on the side of it.” He continued, “I am doing well, just trying to rest as much as I can, trying to hydrate as much as I can, trying to get my strength back so I can get back to work as soon as possible, miss you guys, I miss work.” Like many who’ve quarantined, Strahan said he’s had a case of cabin fever. “For my own sanity I gotta get out of this house.”

Strahan went on to thank viewers and fans who sent him well wishes, saying, “you guys don’t know how much it means to me to know how many people care about me and my health so I really really am thankful and grateful for every one of you”

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Strahan also urged people to take COVID-19 seriously and take all the suggested health precautions being urged by scientists and government officials the world round.  “With all the protocols, you gotta follow them,” Strahan said. “Take care of yourself. Wear your mask, wash your hands, use your wipes, I did all those things. But it just goes to show me that it takes mer than just you as an individual, everybody has to do it so we help out each other because it is more than just about you. It’s about the people you are around and the fellow human being.”

“Protect yourself and by doing that you are gonna protect others,” he implored. “You don’t want COVID, you don’t want to have to go through everything that it brings with it.”

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