Steve Harvey is getting played.

In a funny moment from a recent episode of “Family Feud”, the comedian, 64, got epically trolled by the game board.

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When the two families had to “name something Steve Harvey has had more than one of,” things like “wives”, “suits” and “TV shows” were listed off.

But the game officials just had to have a little fun. While reading off the remaining answers, Harvey felt the sting of “bloopers/misread cards”.

After a long stare at the camera, all Harvey had to say was, “Okay… okay.”

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The answer was probably a reference to the host’s infamous blunder at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. As many remember, Harvey accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the winner when the real winner was Miss Philippines.

And in 2019, Harvey again said an incorrect name — this time, however, it was a teleprompter mixup.