David Dobrik needs to be a bit more careful with his investment portfolio.

On the latest episode of his podcast “VIEWS”, the YouTube star revealed that he bought stock in GameStop during the recent co-ordinated rush by investors on Reddit to inflate the company’s value.

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Unfortunately for Dobrik, he was caught at the wrong end of the fluctuation and lost a fair bit of money on the purchase.

“It’s been five days since we last talked about stocks,” he said. “You know how much I made so far? … I haven’t pulled out yet, but so far I’ve lost $85,000. It’s so bad.”

Laughing, Dobrik acknowledged, “I f**ked up. I f**ked up. I f**ked up, bro. I saw it coming. I f**king saw it coming.”

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He added, “It’s p**sing me off ’cause I’m so bad at stocks. I f**king hate stocks; it is not my game … I only like doing it because I like gambling. That’s my favourite thing to do is going to the casino.”

Finally, Dobrik admitted that despite taking a loss, “I had fun. The way I look at it is, ‘Hey, this would be a podcast story.'”