Fran Lebowitz doesn’t own a cell phone or a computer. She doesn’t have internet and she’s never watched Netflix. She does, however, have cable television. All the same, she hasn’t seen last week’s “Saturday Night Live” sketch spoofing her.

Though a longtime icon, Lebowitz has gained increasing popularity in recent weeks after the success of her Netflix series “Pretend It’s A City”.

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Lebowitz spoke with Andy Cohen on Wednesday on his Sirius XM channel Radio Andy about the show, and Cohen asked about Bowen Yang’s impression of her on “SNL”‘s Weekend Update.

“I did not see it,” Lebowitz told Cohen. “I didn’t know anything about it. The next day I had shut my phones off. I was not asleep and I went into the kitchen where there’s an, my answering machine, a device, which you may have to describe to your listeners. There were messages on it and I thought something horrible happened, someone died, you know? And so I got these messages, but no, I didn’t see. And I have no way of seeing it and that’s okay.”

Lebowitz also made clear she has no plans of seeing the sketch. “I generally don’t like to watch myself,” she explained, “and this has always been true even when I looked a lot better.”

“I don’t like to hear my voice,” she added. “I would never watch myself on television when I know I’m on television, when I’m on a talk show. And people say, ‘Why don’t you want to watch?’ I say, ‘Well, I know what I said, and I don’t want to watch it.’ And I never do.”

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Lebowitz continued, “I’m trying to guess, if I had known it was going to be on, would I have watched it, I probably would not have, but I would have at least known it was going to be on. So I really knew nothing about this. I’m not certain whether they… they certainly didn’t alert me that this was going to be on. And so I was surprised by it. Yes. Because I know it’s a very big network television show and I would imagine that they would expect their viewers to know what they’re talking about.

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