It looks like Simon Pegg will be giving Uber some business now that he’s been banned from for six months in his native Britain.

As The Telegraph reports, the 50-year-old “Mission: Impossible” star was hit with the ban after receiving his fourth speeding offence in three years.

Pegg did not appear in court, but his attorney, Richard Saynor, told judges in the case that the actor takes “full responsibility” for his actions; he was reportedly pulled over last month after being clocked doing 63 miles per hour in an area where the speed limit was just 40. Because this was his fourth offence, it triggered an automatic ban.

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“He specifically instructed me that he does not want to use up the court’s time arguing there are exceptional circumstances he should not be disqualified,” Saynor said. “He accepts the court will make a driving ban and it is something he accepts head-on.”

However, Saynor also pointed out that banning him from the road would create “difficulties” involving his work.

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“You will see in his letter to the court the charity works he undertakes and the impact a disqualification will have on others, particularly the strain it will have on his wife and the increased responsibilities she will have as well as running a household,” Saynor said.