Kelly Ripa Remembers The Time A Psychic Leaked Her Pregnancy

It’s been 20 years since Kelly Ripa became the co-host of “Live”.

On Wednesday night, the TV personality appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and reminisced about getting the big job.

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“I keep thinking it’s only been three years. I don’t understand the big deal,” she said of the anniversary.

“I was asked to fill in for a fill-in host at the last minute so it took any stakes or any nervousness that I probably would have had away,” she recalled. “My only concern was that I was very early pregnant with our daughter Lola and nobody knew, nobody knew, [my husband Mark Consuelos] and I knew and nobody else knew.”

The trouble was, that week on the show they were bringing in a psychic.

“And they said, there’s going to be a psychic and she’s going to give you a reading, if you don’t mind, because we’re doing Psychic Week,” Ripa recalled. “I said to Mark, ‘I got to cancel, I can’t do this.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, what, you think a psychic is going to figure out you’re pregnant?'”

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Ripa continued, “I go, ‘Well, what if she does? Isn’t that what psychics do.’ And Jimmy, not only did she figure out I was pregnant in three seconds, but she’s like your grandmother Dee is here and I’m like, ‘No that’s not her name’ and she’s ‘like Esther but her nickname is Dee’.”

Fallon said, “I don’t know if I could handle it. That’s wild stuff.”

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