Salma Hayek regularly talks about her love of animals, and her appearance on Wednesday’s edition of Global’s “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” was no different.

The actress, who has been promoting her new film “Bliss”, told Stephen Colbert: “I love animals. I have a lot of them. In London, I have three, two dogs and one owl. The owl is there with the dogs,” she added of the photo that Colbert showed.

The shocked host asked, “Are you a student at Hogwarts?” as he noticed the owl, whose name is Kering, perched on Hayek’s shoulder.

The star said of why she has an owl as a pet: “I don’t know, I became obsessed with the owls and dreaming about it.

“I didn’t understand they were everywhere. And I said ‘can people have owls?’ And it turns out you can in London. It’s legal.

“And I said, ‘Are there any owls that need some rescue? Can you rescue an owl?’ And I started doing some research. And, yeah, sure enough.”

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Colbert then brought out another photo of Hayek with her owl eating a mouse on top of her head.

“It’s disgusting,” Hayek said. “It’s the only time she’s ever done that. I mean, she’s amazing, because it’s a female. But, you know, sometimes they bring you gifts that you don’t necessarily know what to do with.”

“It’s a mouse. That’s what they eat,” Hayek added when Colbert questioned her further, before asking: “And she ate it on your head?”

Hayek replied, “Yeah, she landed on my head with it. And I got her off, because that’s where I draw the line.”

She also said her owl sometimes sleeps in her room with her at night, despite owls not sleeping.

Admitting her owl doesn’t drink liquids, she did say: “But there is one kind of wine that when we take it out, it’s an expensive wine too, we have to cover the cups because she’ll dig in it!”

“And it’s not that she thinks it’s blood because the other red wine she doesn’t go for, she has an expensive taste in wine,” insisting she never lets her have any.

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