Kim D’Eon: Don’t Count Your Trumps Before They Hatch

Here’s the thing with being an entertainment reporter: you never know what the day is going to bring. Every day is different which is one of the things I love about my job. But sometimes, it can be a little annoying. Like today.

My assignment: interview Donald Trump after the ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Trump Tower in Toronto. Like I do for all my interviews, I prepared this morning by pouring over recent online articles and interviews about the Trumps. I even watched an entire Oprah show dedicated to the Trump clan. I picked out my outfit and proceeded to apply my “TV makeup”;.

I headed to the Trump tower at noon. I waited for the big press conference to start which would include Donald, his daughter Ivanka and his two sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. as well as other notable business people and politicians.

The press conference started late and it was pretty long. The ribbon was cut. The photogs did their thing. And I sat patiently with my producer as we awaited our interview time afterwards.

As soon as the ribbon was cut and the press conference appeared to be concluding, a throng of reporters rushed the stage.  I got squished into the mix. Not really knowing where our special interview would take place, I “rode the wave”; to see where it would lead. During the melee, Donald Trump Jr, eyed me from across the room and waved (we worked on an award show last fall and he apparently, remebered me). This would boad well when it was my turn to interview him and ask him questions about the African hunting controversy.

The squishing and jostling moved into a tiny hallway and started getting a little more aggressive.  We were still waiting to hear when and where we’d be doing our one-on-one so we observed the crush, but weren’t worried. Reporters from across the city pushed their microphones and bright lights into the faces of all 4 Trumps as they subtly inched towards the exit. It’s really quite something to watch a scene like this unfold.

“Donald, I’ll see you in a minute”;, I thought as he was whisked into an elevator. We waited and waited… and waited some more.

After quite some time, we saw one of the PR people heading towards us with an update.

“Here we go”;, I thought. Interview questions in mind and lipstick touched up, I was ready.

Buuuut, as it turned out, we were actually informed that Donald was rushed off to catch a plane and we were left without an interview.

Just like that, the day changed.

My interview was trumped by the Trump himself.



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