Tayshia Adams discussed all things “The Bachelorette” on Thursday’s episode of “Better Together” with Maria Menounos.

Adams ended her season by getting engaged to suitor Zac Clark and is now living a bicoastal lifestyle after spending the holidays in New York City with her other half.

She said of whether she thinks she was portrayed accurately on the show: “I will tell you, I’ve been on a couple of these things, right?

“I can 100 per cent say I do not feel edited like everyone says. I do not feel edited, or like, they didn’t ‘show’ me. I definitely feel like, no, that was me — like, ‘Yeah, I actually did get that upset,’ or ‘Yeah, I was having that much fun.'”

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“I was watching back some of the episodes with a full-on smile because it was me, and I was proud of myself,” she continued.

Adams also revealed the moment she knew Clark was the one.

The reality TV star gushed, “I knew for sure once I met his family. I just remember when I was about to go to talk to his parents and he was going to go talk to his brother, as he’s walking out the door, he was like, ‘By the way, I’ve told her everything, so you can ask her anything.'”

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“That was the confidence I needed, just to be like, ‘There’s no skeletons in the closet,'” Adams continued. “And that’s just how he was since Day 1. He’s like, ‘Talk about anything.’ And it wasn’t in front of cameras. It was in passing, just to have his parents have the peace of mind — like, ‘Oh, what can I not bring up,’ and he’s like, ‘Tell her anything.'”

She also talked about the couple’s future, admitting she wants four kids.

Adams shared, “I said I wanted five on the show, but now I’m going down to four. I lost one because I started thinking about it and that would require me to have at least like one set of twins and that’s just a lot of work. I don’t know. Whatever God gives me, I’ll be happy with.”