Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest are looking back at the secrets of their long lasting marriage.

During JLGB Virtual’s event, set to entertain youth during the pandemic, Curtis and Guest gave advice on relationships and keeping positive.

“Don’t leave. That’s really it – two words. Because you will want to. If you’re telling me anybody who is married for a long time hasn’t thought ‘I hate them, I want out’, of course they have! I believe if you stay on the bus long enough, the scenery will change,” Curtis said of a longlasting marriage.

Guest, who she has been married to since 1984, chimed in, “depends what bus.”

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The “Halloween” star continued, “I think it’s crucial to put yourself in the path of love. Look, I reached out to his [Guest’s] agent. I left my number. He didn’t call me by the way. And then we ran into each other at a restaurant and then he called me. But I put myself in the path of it, because I have believed in that my whole life.”

And while many have found it hard to stay positive during the pandemic, Curtis has been inspired how “people have reinvented themselves.”

Adding, “We will get through it. No-one says it’s not going to be difficult. ‘Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says something different is selling something’ is my favourite line from the Princess Bride and I believe that.”

On the topic of advice, Curtis also reminded people of the dangers of social media, calling it an “absolute poison.”

“Technology is allowing people to shift the reality of their lives and make a fake presentation, which is basically lying to make someone else feel bad,” she said. “It is designed to make you feel ‘less than’.”

So what is next for Guest and Curtis?

“My recovery is the single greatest accomplishment that I will ever get to do in this human life,” Curtis said of her past addiction issues. “I have a generational link to addiction and substance abuse in my family and I was able to catch it, look in the mirror, understand the problem and I have been clean and sober for 22 years.”

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She is also busy with “another couple ‘Halloween’ movies, a new movie that “involves video games” and “a bunch of other projects.”

As for the famed director, he is “taking some time off for the next 25 years just to relax a little bit.”