According to a CBC News report, Bell Media has let go more than 200 employees this week during sweeping cuts in support of creating a more “streamlined operating structure.”

Some of these cuts have reportedly been on-air personalities, one of whom is Dan O’Toole of TSN’s “Jay and Dan” show.

According to the Toronto Star, O’Toole was the highest-profile personality to be laid off in the sweeping cuts.

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O’Toole took to Twitter to confirm the news.

“Had I known last night was my final show, I would have tried a little harder,” he wrote.

“Ahhhh, who am I kidding,” he added. “I probably wouldn’t have. It was a wild ride. If you got our show, then you laughed along with us. Thank you! Peace and love and let’s raise a glass together once Covid is over.”

TSN has since said in a statement to ET Canada: “We have made some changes at TSN as we streamline the organization. The changes have affected some on-air personalities, who depart with our sincere thanks for their contributions to the network and the sports community.

“The media industry at every level is changing fast, and Bell Media is adjusting to stay ahead of the change. We’re focused on investing in content creation and new media platforms and at the same time operating much more efficiently in a tough marketplace.”

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